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Given the unique nature of Jib's existence, he has a variety of strange quirks and powers, which he often uses for evil. So, I've made this catch-all permissions post for all your permissions based needs.

Shapeshifting (Out-Out) Jupitarians are shapeshifters by nature. They can transform into any living being, right down to their DNA. They are supposedly flawless in their impersonations and no one has ever caught Jib in the act. Despite the fact he is terrible at his job. If you'd prefer Jib never shapeshifted into your character, please opt-out here.

Kisses (Opt-In) So, here's how Jib's biology works. Whenever his species kisses anyone else, they make a baby. It doesn't matter if you're male or female, you are now carrying a baby in your stomach. Jib rarely tells people this, preferring to just wait the kid to deliver and grab them. This is basically that science fiction rape where someone has a baby and there are no consequences even though this should be emotionally traumatizing. I don't usually play with this aspect of Jib, but if you're okay with this just respond to this post saying that you opt-in for this sort of thing.
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Jib is from the podcast "Thrilling Adventure Hour". But more helpfully, he is a spy from the planet Jupiter.

Here's some quick things to know about Jupiter people:

Jupiterians' unique biology allows them to take the physical form of anyone they choose, down to their DNA. The Jupiterian both looks and sounds exactly like their subject. They don't have to be very good at it. As a Jupiter spy, Jib's main goal is to infiltrate various cultures and spread destruction.

Other than that, there's only a few more things to know about Jib and the Jupitarians.

They are ruled by Queen Quaflix, their true forms are very purple, and they reproduce through impregnating an individual of another species by kissing them. The host acts as incubator for the child, which releases a toxin to make the host care for it.


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